Major Candy Company Becomes Next Bud Light

Photo by Margaux Bellott on Unsplash

Skittles has recently come under fire for modifying their packaging to display the message ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’, in partnership with GLAAD. This move sparked a wave of criticism on Twitter, with some drawing parallels to the controversial Bud Light campaign involving Dylan Mulvaney.

This marks the fourth consecutive year Skittles has collaborated with GLAAD, an organization that stands up against defamation and supports the LGBTQ+ community. The collaboration’s aim, as stated on the Skittles website, is to highlight and honor LGBTQ+ narratives.

For their limited edition Pride Packs, Skittles moved away from their traditional vibrant packaging. Initially, the design was a simple gray, symbolizing the brand’s dedication to supporting the community. However, in the subsequent year, the company invited five LGBTQ+ artists to contribute their personal interpretations of the rainbow. Among the various designs, one read ‘express urself’, while another displayed ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’.

Critics argue that such corporate gestures often appear insincere, especially when a company’s main focus is to increase profits. Some individuals on Twitter recalled the Bud Light campaign fiasco which resulted in significant sales losses for Anheuser-Busch. Following that incident, the company reported a 10.5% dip in US revenue for a specific quarter and attributed a significant sales decline to the Bud Light campaign.

Some tweets suggested that Skittles might face a similar fate, with comments like, “Another Bud Light moment, will they ever learn?”

While the regular Skittle packages are still available, the special Pride Pack series can be found at certain retailers. In a previous statement, Skittles Senior Director, Justin Hollyn-Taub, emphasized the brand’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, stressing the importance of continuous support beyond just Pride Month.

A portion of the proceeds from these packs, up to a total of $100,000, will be contributed to GLAAD to assist in their initiatives against discrimination.