Man Arrested for Voting for Dead Wife in 2020

Man Arrested for Voting For Dead Wife in 2020

( – Detecting and persecuting voter fraud is one of the key ways cities and states can rebuild trust in their election systems. In Nevada, one Las Vegas man brought some fraud to light in the weeks after the election when he spoke with local media about how someone stole his dead wife’s ballot and voted on her behalf. He appeared heartbroken at the time. However, it turns out that he was behind the whole scheme after all.

On Thursday, October 21, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford charged Donald Kirk Hartle, 55, with two category D felonies. Hartle voted twice in the same election, using his dead wife’s ballot the second time. Ford emphasized that “voter fraud is rare” in his state, but he ensured readers that he would track down every case in order to ensure citizens have confidence in future elections.

The Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis shared more:

Hartle is set to appear in court on November 18. Thankfully, investigators uncovered this illegal act and will bring justice where it is due. However, this situation also highlights to both Americans and their lawmakers how essential solid voting protections and protocols are to make situations like this harder to pull off in the first place.

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