Man Caught on Video Doing WHAT to Baby?!

( – In harrowing video footage, a man was caught on camera leaving a newborn baby on a walking trail near a bayou in Harris County, Texas.

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According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the baby was found wrapped in a towel around 9:00 a.m. on Casa Martin Drive, with her umbilical cord still attached.

Sargeant Juan Garcia of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office informed, “The baby was a newborn. Still had fresh placenta on the baby. So, it was freshly born this morning.”

According to the report, the suspect is described in the footage as a young Hispanic or white man with a fair complexion and black hair. He was wearing a black shirt and what appeared to be gray pants.

The baby survived because a family walking the trail spotted the infant within minutes of her being abandoned.

“We were coming back from our walk this morning, heading home because it was hot,” said Daniela Fedele, who spotted the towel on the trail.

“When I went ahead and looked closer, that’s when I noticed a little baby would like her two feet moving. I think it was like, am I seeing this, right? Like, are my eyes really seeing a baby here?” she added.

Shortly after, Daniela’s husband held the baby while she called 911.

“I hold it. The baby opens their eyes to me, looked at me,” Luis Marin said. “We make eye contact. And I’m like, how can somebody just do this?”

“It had the umbilical cord. So, it’s like so many questions go through your mind,” Fedele added. “We were just there by chance. I guess by God. God put us there, I guess.”

While paramedics transported the baby to the hospital, Melissa Lanford, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Family and Parent Services, reported that the baby was released from a Houston hospital on Friday evening.

Luckily, the baby girl has since been placed with a foster family and as for now, detectives are still searching for the man who left the child near the bayou.

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