Mark Levin: Biden ‘Is a Disgrace and Disaster’ Because of THIS!

Mark Levin

( – Yesterday on “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Mark Levin shredded Joe Biden in the way only Mark Levin can with his intelligence, wit, and unsparing analysis that the late Rush Limbaugh first discovered.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine well underway and much of the United States of America wondering if the country could soon be drawn into World War Three with a presidential misstep, Levin blasted Biden.

“I mean, Biden is the so-called Commander-in-Chief. He is a disgrace and disaster. He actually has the Russians negotiating with the Iranians on a nuclear deal with us. What kind of a fool does that, I will never know. He puts more sanctions on the American oil industry and no sanctions on the Russian oil industry as I speak. What kind of a fool does that when we can use oil to debilitate the Russian economy, the Putin economy, and war machine, rather than debilitate you, Mr. And Mrs. America?

“We do have a damn fool in the White House, there’s no question about that, and we should be muscling up our military for any possibilities, and we’re not, despite spending trillions and trillions of massive debt, we are not muscling up the United States military. Russia, China, Iran, the axis of evil, the real axis of evil that now exists.”

After even more of a tirade, including a prediction that Putin will not stop with Ukraine, Levin concluded with:

“By the time this administration’s done in Washington, the Iranians will have nuclear missiles, China will have conquered Taiwan, and Russia may well be marching into other countries.”

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