Mask Mandates to Return in Oregon

Mask Mandates to Return in Oregon

( – As the Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to spike positive test numbers and hospitalizations in our nations, many governors are unsure of the right steps to take. So far, 10 states have reissued mask mandates in an attempt to combat the pandemic, much to the dismay of their citizens. The latest was announced this week by Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D).

On Wednesday, August 11, Governor Brown issued a new measure that requires every Oregonian over the age of 5, whether or not they have received the COVID-19 vaccine, to wear a mask when indoors in a public venue. Previously, the governor left it up to the local governments to decide whether or not to require masks, and they overwhelmingly decided to not adorn the mask.

The governor’s announcement came shortly after one earlier this month where she mandated all public schools to require students to wear masks. Governor Brown tried to emphasize the reasoning behind her choice to reinstate the mandate on Twitter:

So many Americans thought the end of this pandemic was in sight and that Democrats would soon be forced to give up some of their power. But, as students return to schools, it seems they will continue to limit American freedoms as much as they can until changes are made or they’re voted out of office.

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