Mayor: ‘The Devil’s Workshop’

( – Expressing not only his concerns but the concerns of all New Yorkers during a recent press conference, New York City’s highest authority talked about the potential impact of the city’s migrant crisis on multiple delicate issues.

Mayor Eric Adams highlighted the challenge posed by a large number of migrants arriving in the city who are legally unable to work.

He noted that out of over 100,000 migrants who have come to New York City, only about 2,200 have received work permits, as informed by Anne Williams-Isom, the city’s deputy mayor for health and human services.

Adams linked the inability of these individuals to legally work with potential increases in crime, suggesting that when people are unable to provide for themselves or their families, they may turn to less desirable means. “Lack of opportunities, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop,” he remarked, emphasizing the desperation that can arise from prolonged unemployment.

This crisis has already led to budgetary adjustments within the city. In September, Adams announced a 5% budget cut across city programs and services due to the influx of migrants. He warned that the city might start seeing more visible effects of the crisis as migrants continue to arrive.

The mayor also indicated that there had been discussions with the White House about addressing this overwhelming situation, but he believes that the federal government has not taken adequate control of the issue.

Adams’ comments reflect a growing concern among city officials regarding the potential social and economic consequences of the migrant crisis, especially as it relates to public safety and city resources.