McCarthy Calls Out Biden on 100 Day Crises

McCarthy Calls Out Biden on 100 Day Crises

( – Usually after 100 days in office, a president has many reasons to celebrate. But, for President Joe Biden, that landmark seemed to bring an array of disasters that he was unwilling or unable to handle. From the ongoing border crisis to missiles flying in the Middle East, Biden doesn’t seem to have control over much. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) took this opportunity to call him out on the variety of issues our nation is facing.

McCarthy Appears on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” Show

On Wednesday, May 12, McCarthy spoke with Larry Kudlow about the myriad of crises facing President Biden. First, he highlighted how the President’s plan to raise taxes on the slowly-recovering economy is scaring businesses back away from our shores. Similarly, many previously employed Americans don’t want to go back to work as they’re able to make more money staying home through Biden’s unemployment payment boost.

Also this week, many Americans were found waiting in gas lines, not knowing the next time they’d be able to fill up their tanks. Of course, this is all on top of the ongoing border crisis, that, according to US Customs and Border Protection, involved over 178,000 encounters last month with illegal immigrants at our southern border. All of these emergencies, including rising inflation in our nation alone, should be enough to let Biden know he’s doing something wrong.

Biden Also Seems to Be Ignoring Chaos Abroad

At the start of this week, Palestine’s Hamas group began exchanging rockets, bombs, and missiles with Israel, sending the region into a warzone that hasn’t been matched in at least seven years. Meanwhile, Russia continues to amass military power at the Ukrainian border, threatening an invasion. But, as these likely battles play out, Biden has done very little to address them and instead sends his well-wishes from afar.

McCarthy Asks Biden to Make America Stronger

McCarthy was able to meet with President Biden this week to discuss the proposed infrastructure plan. The House leader said he urged the president to define infrastructure, streamline government processes, and hone down his bill to include only the necessary things. With this, pulling back on a few of his other socialist policies, and strengthening his backbone in foreign relations, McCarthy believes the US economy can be stronger, bringing prosperity to Americans once again.

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