Meghan McCain Reveals Why She Left “The View”

Meghan McCain Reveals Why She Left

( – A good working relationship is typically built on mutual respect, trust and a solid work ethic. However, when even one of those is lacking, a toxic culture can easily take shape. According to an excerpt from Meghan McCain’s new book Bad Republican, that’s exactly what happened at NBC’s “The View.”

On Thursday, October 21, McCain released her new audio memoir. Within it, she highlighted the joys and discouragements during her time as a host on “The View” and what led her to quit this past July. It turns out, the moment that finally pushed her over the edge came from co-host Joy Behar.

Variety shared about the hurtful breaking point on Twitter:

Just two days back from her three-month maternity leave, left-leaning co-hosts insulted the token Republican on the show and management just let it happen. According to McCain, the culture at “The View” is toxic and unhealthy, and NBC and Human Resources do nothing to try and change it.

At a time when Americans need to see people interacting over political issues in a healthy way, “The View” apparently tries to do the exact opposite. Instead of engaging in helpful, insightful discussions over Americans’ differing opinions, this show simply tries to rile up its audience, and apparently its hosts, in order to get more viewers. Perhaps it’s time to tune out “The View” in search of a more amiable talk show.

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