Megyn Kelly Calls Out LA Times Columnist for Attack on Trump Supporters

Megyn Kelly Calls Out New York Times Columnist for Attack on Trump Supporters

( – Opinion pieces often show people’s true colors, as writers share thoughts they’ve been dwelling on for quite some time. But, these innermost thoughts sometimes face pushback from all sides, as one liberal realized this week.

On Friday, February 5, the Los Angeles Times published an opinion column by Virginia Heffernan, a writer who previously worked for the New York Times. In her piece, Heffernan said her Trump-supporting neighbors plowed her driveway “like a pro” during a recent snowstorm. Her response? I could say thanks, but “heck no.”

Heffernan proceeded to compare the Trump supporters and their “aggressive niceness” to Hezbollah and Nazi sympathizers. Thankfully, many Americans pushed back, including attorney and podcaster Megyn Kelly:

While some readers desperately hoped the LA Times article was satire, it was not. Heffernan was truly unable to accept a random act of kindness because of the beliefs of her neighbors. But, instead of perpetuating intolerance like Heffernan, let’s choose to be good neighbors, whether we have snow to shovel or not.

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