Mike Lindell Makes History as New, Better GOP Emerges

Mike Lindell Makes History as New, Better GOP Emerges

(RightIsRight.co) – While the mainstream media loves to attack My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell for his actions, his latest idea was quite a hit despite what the Left says. This week, the Trump loyalist gathered over 1,600 supporters in person and over 250,000 online for a rally to celebrate free speech, his new social media site, and the new GOP.

The event was held on Tuesday, May 11, inside the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota to hear Mike speak. He was joined in person by comedian Joe Piscopo and author Eric Metaxas, while Doctor Ben Carson spoke at the rally via video.

One attendee shared a video of the rally on Twitter:

Even though the Left attacked Lindell’s rally by pushing false information about the number of attendees, the truth shows that he has truly garnered support from hundreds of thousands of Americans who are similarly ready to fight to preserve our nation’s values and freedoms.

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