Mike Pence Says Biden’s Statements Were Worse Than Anything He’s Ever Heard From a Sitting President

Mike Pence Says Biden's Statements Were Worse Than Anything He's Ever Heard From A Sitting President

(RightIsRight.co) – After months of laying low since leaving the White House, former Vice President Mike Pence finally made a TV appearance. It took President Joe Biden’s fiercest mandate yet, combined with disrespectful words to the American people, to give Pence the boost to get back on camera. During his interview, the former vice president highlighted that Biden’s rhetoric and demeanor were “unlike anything…ever heard from an American president.”

On Friday, September 10, Pence spoke with Fox & Friends about Biden’s latest mandate, which could force the vaccine upon businesses with over 100 employees. Pence emphasized that Biden’s speech was not presidential when he told Americans that his patience was wearing thin. The former second-in-command also said it sounded like the president was “scolding the American people” and its governors, which is “not the American way.”

Instead, Pence urged Biden to simply “lead by example.” The New York Daily News shared more of his reflections on the matter:

In comparison to President Donald Trump, Pence has always been more reserved. However, the Biden administration’s hefty vaccine requirements left him with no choice but to speak up against this unprecedented government overreach. Hopefully, these comments from a more reserved conservative leader will help Biden understand the absurdity of his words and actions.

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