Military Couple Gunned Down in Cold Blood

Military Couple Gunned Down in Cold Blood

( – Our military service members understand that they put their lives on the line every day when at work, but their homes should be a safe haven for them to escape from the difficulties of military life. Yet, this week, two military service members were shot and killed outside their home in Springfield, Virginia.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 26, someone shot Edward McDaniel, an active Army colonel and physician, and his wife, Brenda McDaniel, a retired military physician, in their front yard. Police have a manhunt underway for Ronnie Keandre Marshall for his connection to the shooting, shared here by Fairfax County Police:

Police believe the tragic double homicide was connected to a dispute and likely burglary two days prior.

These two Americans served their nation for years and yet lost their lives while they were off duty and in their home. Hopefully, the police officers and surrounding community can identify the criminal or criminals quickly and bring them to justice. Only then will their family have a chance at peace.

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