Mom’s Worst Nightmare Comes True, School Screws Up

Photo by Maximilian Simson on Unsplash

In Texas, on the first day of school a kindergartner was accidentally dropped off at the incorrect bus stop. The kindergartner, CJ, named Corey, took the bus on the first day of school to attend Faldyn Elementary in Texas.

However, according to a FOX 26 Houston report that afternoon as his mother was waiting for him at the bus stop she discovered that her son had not been on the bus heading home.

The mother, Nadine Penn, was quick to enter the bus and ask the driver whether or not they were allowing kindergartners to leave the bus without one of their parents present. However, the bus driver assured the woman that this was not something they did. Still, as Penn pointed out her son was not there. In response, the driver simply stated that these were all the children and proceeded to drive off without making any calls or informing anyone.

Penn rushed to the school only to find another parent who was also reportedly searching for their kid. The mother revealed that she overheard the couple state that some buses had returned to the school before they had been overloaded. However, her son was not one of those kids.

Over an hour after CJ’s drop-off time a teacher called Penn to inform her that her son was returned by a different family. CJ had been let off in an intersection of Clay and Katy Hockley Cutoff Road rather than at Signorelli Way and Franchetti Drive, This means he was around eight minutes away from his mother.