More Arrests Confirmed at the Border

More Arrests Confirmed at the Border

( – As illegal immigrants continue pouring across our border, they bring criminals, drugs, and sex offenders along with them. The latest slew of arrests by US border patrol shows the dangers of unchecked immigrant flow into our country.

On Monday, June 21, Rio Grande Valley Sector agents arrested 39 migrants being hidden in a residence. Among them was a Mara Salvatrucha — commonly called MS-13 — gang member who was deported in 2018 with a record of aggravated assault and domestic violence. Gang members are not the only issues these border agents are dealing with though, shared here by a CBS station in Dallas and Fort Worth:

The following day, agents in Texas apprehended two registered sex offenders who had previously been deported. Soon after, agents in Mission, Texas arrested another MS-13 gang member who has been deported multiple times from the US.

Around the same time, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents were able to identify and shut down six stash houses and nearly 150 undocumented persons inside after members of the community reported suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. While the unprecedented numbers of migrants at our border is one crisis, the Biden administration has yet to even address the surge in crime and criminals coming to our border. This absence of leadership and action must be addressed before our nation is overrun.

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