More Proof Biden & Psaki Are Bald-Faced Liars

Pain At The Pump

( – As if the country needed more examples of the fact that almost all elected officials – left, right, and center – are bald-faced liars, Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki have provided fresh evidence of that indisputable fact.

And, this time, it is an issue that is causing hard-working American consumers pain every time they pull into their friendly, local gas station.

As Breitbart notes in “Report: Drilling Permits Plummet Under Biden Administration After Peaking in April“:

“Data from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) shows that approved permits to drill oil and gas on public lands have seen a substantial drop off under President Joe Biden’s administration after peaking in April of 2021, according to a report.

“Last April, approved permits topped out at 643 but gradually declined since, with two minor increases in September and November of last year, Environment and Energy Publishing (E&E News) reported. In January — the month that saw the second-lowest permit approvals during the Biden presidency — only 95 permits were granted, marking an 85 percent drop-off since April 2021, according to E&E News. February produced a minor increase in permit approvals, registering at 186, which was still the fourth lowest in a single month during Biden’s term to date.” [emphasis added]

Breitbart has more critical data in its piece, and you can check it out by clicking HERE. However, the data above proves the more significant point that every time you see Biden or Psaki step before a microphone and blame the oil and gas corporations for not drilling enough on land they already have access to – and Biden and Psaki can be heard making that claim almost every day – they are not being honest.

Drilling and drilling permits is a far more complicated regulatory process than Biden and Psaki admit, and the Biden government is making it more burdensome.

What is your opinion? Email [email protected] and share your opinion about Biden and Psaki. Do you believe they are lying about oil and gas permits? Why or why not?