‘Most Barbaric Acts Since the Holocaust’

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(RightIsRight.co) – In an alarmingly accurate description of Israel’s appalling invasion by Palestinian terrorists from Hamas, a former US ambassador to the Jewish state declared the Islamist atrocities against civilians were comparable to the Nazi Holocaust in World War Two.

David Friedman, who served as the United States Ambassador to Israel under President Donald Trump from 2017-2021, commented the Palestinian terrorists had committed “some of the most barbaric acts since the Holocaust.”

“We saw today some of the most brutal acts against Jewish people that we have seen since the Holocaust. This was very, very difficult to watch, painful to watch,” Friedman told conservative host Mark Levin on the Fox News program “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

On Saturday, thousands of terrorists from the Hamas group invaded Southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, surprisingly defeating Israeli border defenders and randomly massacring and kidnapping civilians.

According to Israeli sources, nearly 1,000 people have perished, and some 700 people are considered missing, including Americans and other foreigners.

“I’m here in Jerusalem. I was in and out of shelters all day long. Jewish people murdered, civilians murdered, pulled out of their homes all through an expensive, highly sophisticated attack with lethal and advanced equipment. How did Hamas get all that stuff? They don’t earn any money it is a terrorist organization,” former US Ambassador David Friedman told Levin.

He blasted President Joe Biden’s administration for recently reversing course on freezing foreign assets belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a Hamas ally, and giving money to the Palestinian Authority, which is technically run by Hamas’s rival movement, Fatah.

“They [Hamas] get the money from Iran, which we are now appeasing and facilitating and taking off, lifting sanctions and emboldening them and making them even richer. So, we are giving Iran money to help Hamas. The Palestinian Authority gives a lot of money to Hamas. We didn’t give them any money in the Trump administration. They are getting it now because the Biden administration has reversed that,” Friedman declared.

“Our government directly and indirectly providing funding to some of the worst actors on the planet. All of that many filters down trickles down into the hands of this vile terrorist organization, which uses it to buy the kinds of weaponry in the planning and training that enabled them to commit these barbaric acts today,” said the former US ambassador to Israel.