MSNBC Host Claims Trump Supporters Are Mentally Inferior

MSNBC Host Claims Trump Supporters Are Mentally Inferior

( – One of the many beauties of our nation is the freedom to speak freely about one’s opinions and to hold any political view. Yet, mainstream media has criticized Conservatives endlessly this past year, and now, an MSNBC host has gone so far as to say Trump supporters could not pass a “basic mental competency test.”

On Tuesday, May 25 during MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” host Lawrence O’Donnell spoke with House Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX) about Texas politics. After Castro attacked Republican leadership in his home state, O’Donnell claimed that a new poll showed 53% percent of Republicans “believe that Donald Trump is the true president.” He went on to call them mentally inferior when he said that the 53% would “fail a basic mental competency test question” because of their beliefs.

Many Conservatives were startled by O’Donnell’s ridiculous attack and shared so on Twitter:

As O’Donnell criticized Republicans, he failed to note how many states are considering or are currently auditing their ballots as allegations of election fraud continue. From Arizona to New Hampshire, Americans are demanding integrity and truth in their elections, which is their right as tax-paying citizens. Perhaps, they know who was “really” elected by the people and are just waiting for vindication.

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