MSNBC Host: Trump/GOP ‘Want A White Nationalist Autocracy’

Joy Reid

( – In a stunning display of arrogance – especially with millions of Americans concerned about the war in Ukraine – MSNBC talk show host Joy Reid opined that former President Donald Trump and Republicans “want a white nationalist autocracy.”

As recounted by the Daily Caller:

“MSNBC host Joy Reid claimed that Republicans “want a white nationalist autocracy” and a nation “beleaguered” by white Christians on “The ReidOut” Wednesday.

“Reid claimed the GOP is ‘advancing Russian goals’ in the U.S. after former President Donald Trump complimented Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official recognition of two separatist-controlled territories in Ukraine as independent Tuesday.”

Here are direct quotes of Joy Reid:

“This also marks an ironic pivot for the party that was literally built on decrying Soviet communism, including accusing civil rights leaders of being a fifth column. Well, it turns out there’s a fifth column, and it’s right inside the Republican Party and their media apparatus which has clearly fallen in love with Russian autocratic kleptocracy and advancing his goals here at home.

“I understand that they prefer autocracy. They want a white nationalist autocracy in the United States. They believe that white Christians are beleaguered and need to rule the United States without elections. This is appeasement. This is saying we should either side with Russia or let them run over Europe. That is new; that is something Trump brought to the table.”

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