My Pillow CEO Planning New Social Media Website

My Pillow CEO Planning New Social Media Website

( – After being banned from Twitter in January and canceled by Google in recent months, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has plenty of reasons to be fed up with Big Tech. But, he’s not just standing idly by. This weekend, Lindell hinted at a new social media site he has in the works to help combat the destructive cancel culture.

On Friday, March 5, the My Pillow founder shared the news on “The Charlie Kirk Show” about a new social media site he’s launching. Lindell spoke about what the platform will be like for users:

The CEO hopes the site will be ready to launch in a month and will be a place users can come without worrying about being canceled, censored, or losing their livelihoods. While he kept quiet about the name of the site, he did share that if you’re on it, “you will not need YouTube” or similar other sites.

Every day, it seems the radical left chooses one more person or business to attack and cancel. But, thankfully, leaders like Mike Lindell are fighting back by creating new information-sharing platforms that will allow everyone to speak freely and share the news that they deem important.

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