My Pillow Guy Tells Americans to Be Strong Amid Cancel Culture

My Pillow Guy Tells Americans to Be Strong Amid Cancel Culture

( – Cancel culture’s goal is to hurt businesses that do not mesh with the ideology of the progressive left. But, it often has the reverse effect, as both Goya Foods and MyPillow have found out this year. Despite attempts to boycott them in mainstream culture, the companies thrived. In light of this, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is encouraging all Americans to join the fight against cancel culture.

Last month, major companies like Wayfair, Kohl’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond stopped carrying MyPillow in an attempt to punish Lindell for his support of President Trump. But, Lindell touted how this attempt actually boosted sales, shared here by the Epoch Times:

Just as Lindell’s company is thriving under pressure from the Left, he asks Americans to join him. In a conversation with NTD News, Lindell asked Americans “to make a stand and not back down to media and cancel culture.”

His own success story shows Americans that strength, virtue, and honesty do withstand the test of time, even when pressured by others to fail. So, let us all answer Lindell’s call to “stand together” and fight back.

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