NASA Scientists Achieve Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation

NASA Scientists Achieve Long Distance Quantum Teleportation

( – Teleportation isn’t just for the movies anymore. This week, along with a slew of other researchers, NASA used quantum teleportation to transfer data faster than the speed of light. Scientists hope this is the groundwork for quantum internet, which could be faster and more secure than any other way of sharing data we currently have.

On December 15, Fermilab, a laboratory run by the Department of Energy (DOE), released the news that they, along with NASA, Caltech, and Harvard, were able to produce a “sustained, long-distance teleportation” for the first time. They used qubits, a measure of quantum information, in the demonstration, along with a fiber-optic network, photon detectors, and off-the-shelf equipment.

Epidemiologist & Health Economist Eric Feigl-Ding pinpointed one of the most critical parts of this research:

This experiment showcases American ingenuity and how we truly have the cutting-edge technology of the future. A quantum internet could be almost unhackable, allowing our nation to further secure our ideas and citizens from international threats.

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