NEW: Fox News Host Named

( – In a notable addition to its weekend lineup, Fox News has appointed Jimmy Failla, a renowned radio host, to helm its new show.

Announced on Wednesday, the “Fox News Saturday Night w/Jimmy Failla ” show is set for its premiere on January 13 and will air every Saturday from 10-11 p.m.

Failla, expressing his excitement on Twitter, described the opportunity as a significant milestone, transitioning from a former cabbie to a cable news show host. This new program aims to blend humor with discussions on various cultural, political, and lifestyle topics.

In his announcement, Failla expressed his gratitude to Fox leadership and humorously invited his followers for a celebratory night out, showcasing his comedic persona. According to a Fox News press release, the show aims to offer a lighter take on the week’s news, providing comedic insights on cultural, political, and lifestyle topics. This approach aligns with Failla’s background in comedy and his current role as the host of the weekday radio show “Fox Across America,” which he will continue to host.

Failla’s new program is described as a mix of humor and news, intended to bring laughter to viewers while discussing various topics. He himself highlighted the importance of comedy in the current political climate, suggesting that the country needs more humor rather than a focus on partisan divides.

Meade Cooper, Executive Vice President of Primetime Programming at Fox News, praised Failla’s journey from a cab driver to a cable news host, calling it a “classic American success story.”

Failla’s appointment comes amidst several changes in Fox News’ programming and host lineups following the departure of Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson in April. These changes included Jesse Watters replacing Carlson and the rescheduling of Laura Ingraham’s program. Failla’s new show seems poised to add a unique blend of entertainment and news commentary to the network’s weekend schedule.