New Immigrants Caught on Camera Invading America Under Biden

New Immigrants Caught on Camera Invading America Under Biden

( – President Joe Biden has done a 180-degree turn on immigration from former President Donald Trump’s America-first agenda. Rather than having tens of thousands of asylum seekers wait in Mexico until their stories and health can be verified, Biden has begun letting these once-considered illegal immigrants flock to the United States.

On Thursday, February 25, the first busload of asylum seekers from a camp in Matamoros, Mexico arrived in Brownsville, Texas. The 27 migrants crossed the Gateway International Bridge and will now undergo the asylum process while living in America. Additional reports say 100 more migrants crossed on Friday, with somewhere around 500 likely arriving early this week.

One news photographer shared the unloading firsthand:

With Biden’s new open-door immigration policy, thousands of people can cross our borders before having undergone a full background check by the Department of Homeland Security. This influx of people will only make it easier for drug traffickers and other criminals to sneak into our borders and abuse the freedoms and rights afforded only to citizens of our great nation.

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