New Patriot Party Becoming Real – $70 Million Already Raised

Trump's New Patriot Party Becoming Real - $70 Million Already Raised

( – Many Americans look to former President Donald Trump to show our nation what the future of the Republican Party looks like. According to multiple sources, though, the new “Patriot Party” is forming with an aim of bringing together Republicans who have shown their dedication to our nation and democracy. It would be committed to the same conservative values Trump fought for over the past four years.

The GOP is facing a critical moment, leaving many unsure of what’s next. However, there are reports that over $70 million has been raised for the often-called MAGA party, now nicknamed the “Patriot Party.”

While this news is exciting, Trump continues to lie low for now. On Friday, January 22, he told a reporter there will be “something, but not just yet.” So, while he has not publicly announced the new party, there’s still work happening behind the scenes.

On January 22, the “Patriot Party” officially filed with the Federal Election Commission:

Donald Trump will continue to fight for every American. As the momentum of the past four years continues, we must remember that every local, state and federal election is critical to protecting the values and freedoms we hold dear in this country. Hopefully, our political parties will adapt to reflect the changing demands of everyday Americans.

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