New Poll Shows Nearly 30% of US Says Pandemic Is Over

New Poll Shows Nearly 30% of US Says Pandemic Is Over

( – According to Merriam-Webster, a pandemic is a disease that spreads “over a wide geographic area…and typically affects a significant proportion of the population.” That understandably describes the COVID-19 outbreak that our world experienced over the past year and a half. But, as we move out of this difficult season, almost one-third of Americans are excitedly declaring the pandemic is over.

A new poll conducted by Gallup and released on Monday, June 28 shows that 29% of Americans believe the coronavirus pandemic is over in the United States. Of the respondents who believe the pandemic has come to an end, 57% were Republicans, 35% were Independent, and only 4% were Democrats.

The Hill was the first news outlet to share the report:

As a whole, Americans overwhelmingly, at 91%, believe that our nation’s coronavirus situation is improving, and 65% of Americans believe healthy people should live their lives as normal once again. However, paired with this return to normalcy is the fact that 40% of respondents do not believe their life will ever get back to a pre-pandemic “normal.”

All in all, Americans are excited to enjoy uninhibited time spent with each other again and celebrate the joys of summer. Hopefully, the coronavirus conditions will only continue to improve and soon the word “pandemic” will no longer be in anyone’s daily vocabulary.

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