New Speaker Attacked by Who?

Mike Johnson

( – Following a tragic mass shooting in Maine where 18 individuals lost their lives, California Governor Gavin Newsom attacked House Speaker Mike Johnson for his words of mourning.

Johnson commented on the tragedy, stating, “This is a dark time in America. We have a lot of problems and we’re really hopeful and prayerful. Prayer is appropriate in a time like this, that the evil can end and this senseless violence can stop and so that’s the statement this morning on behalf of the entire House of Representatives. Everyone wants this to end and I’ll leave it there.”

Gov. Newsom responded with skepticism, noting, “The new speaker’s suggestion is we simply pray away the gun violence. That’s it.” Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, is known for his stance on gun rights and has historically voted against gun control measures.

Adding to the discourse on gun control, Newsom, who recently spent time in Beijing with Chinese President Xi Jinping, criticized Maine’s Republican lawmakers. He expressed disappointment on social media, stating, “Republicans in Maine rejected a bill this year that would have required a waiting period for firearm purchases.” He further highlighted their decision by adding, “They seriously could not fathom waiting 72 hours to buy a gun.”

It’s noteworthy that earlier in the year, Maine’s legislature, which consists of a Democratic majority, turned down a proposal to implement a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases. Many believe that such a waiting period would not have prevented the recent shooting. The bill faced opposition in both the House and Senate, with votes of 73-69 and 24-11, respectively. Interestingly, the opposition was bipartisan, with some Democrats siding with Republicans.

Gov. Newsom continued to outline Maine’s gun policies, stating, “Maine also does not … Ban assault weapons, require permits to carry a gun in public, require background checks on all gun sales.” He concluded with the sentiment, “Our hearts are heavy tonight.”

In a strong move, Newsom also advocated for a change in the U.S. Constitution, suggesting the removal of the Second Amendment, which upholds the right to bear arms.