New World’s Tallest Woman Discovered

New World's Tallest Woman Discovered

( – Many people dream of being taller, whether to woo their high school crush or simply reach the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet a little more easily. For one Turkish woman, though, her impressive height brought her both challenges and a Guinness World Record.

On Wednesday, October 13, the Guinness World Record organization announced that Rumeysa Gelgi, age 24, is the tallest woman alive. Standing 7 feet, 0.7 inches tall, she towered over the Guinness workers sent to measure her. Gelgi previously held the record for the tallest living female teenager in 2014, making this announcement her second world record.

IE Lifestyle shared photos of her and some fun facts about her male world record counterpart:

This new record holder was born with a condition known as Weaver syndrome, which speeds up skeletal growth. Gelgi typically uses a wheelchair to get around but can take a few steps when needed. She also enjoys swimming, a sport commonly enjoyed by those facing skeletal or muscular issues.

Gelgi will continue to hold this record until she passes away or someone else comes along even taller than her 7-foot stature. For now, though, she will surely enjoy the recognition as the world’s tallest living woman.

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