Newt Gingrich Declares Nancy Pelosi “Greatest Threat” to Constitutional Liberty

Nancy Pelosi Declared

( – Former Speaker of the House and long-time Congressman Newt Gingrich has been through quite a bit in his career and has seen our civil liberties tested time and time again as lawmakers vie for power. However, he’s now declared there’s one person who stands out as the “greatest threat” to our democracy as set out under the Constitution: current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

On Monday, August 2, Gingrich published an op-ed with Fox News, outlining how Pelosi is acting like “a dictator [such as] Fidel Castro, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, or Nicolás Maduro.” He highlighted multiple examples of times when Pelosi went too far, including dictating which members of the minority party could serve on a bipartisan commission, enforcing a mask mandate against CDC guidelines, and threatening to have staffers arrested for protesting such a mandate.

Gingrich noted it’s the combination of power and arrogance in Pelosi that’s destroying our democracy. One American applauded Gingrich’s firm stance against the California Democrat:

In addition, Gingrich emphasized how Pelosi has failed to speak out for Cuban freedom, as well as how she fenced off the Capitol building for months longer than even other Democrats thought necessary. He asked lawmakers to stand up to Pelosi’s destructive actions before it’s too late and she causes further damage to America’s constitutional liberties.

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