NHL Star Saves Woman’s Life

(RightIsRight.co) – In a heroic off-ice moment, a former NHL star demonstrated quick thinking and lifesaving skills during a League game.

The incident unfolded at the Crypto.com Arena, where a league employee, whose identity remains undisclosed, faced a life-threatening situation after choking on a pretzel, and Tony Hrkac, a former NHL star, responded quickly to save the employee’s life.

Witnesses described the individual turning “purplish,” a clear sign of severe choking. In a fortunate turn of events, Hrkac, who was in the same press box, sprang into action.

Utilizing the Heimlich maneuver, a critical first aid technique, Hrkac successfully dislodged the pretzel piece from the choking victim’s throat.

Those present at the scene were quick to recognize the gravity of the situation and the decisive role Hrkac played.

His intervention is believed to have been lifesaving, showcasing his ability to respond effectively in emergencies.

Hrkac’s prowess on the ice is well-documented, with a distinguished career in the NHL that spanned 16 seasons.

His achievements include winning the prestigious Hobey Baker Award in 1987, an accolade bestowed upon the top amateur hockey player in the United States. That same year, he also led the University of North Dakota to a national championship victory.

Throughout his NHL tenure, Hrkac showcased his talents with several teams, including the St. Louis Blues, Quebec Nordiques, San Jose Sharks, Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars, New York Islanders, Anaheim Ducks, and Atlanta Thrashers.

His career was crowned with a Stanley Cup victory with the Dallas Stars in the 1998-1999 season.