No Vax? Pay $4000 A Month To Government

Vaccine Syringe

( – As if Americans needed any more proof that the modern Democrat Party in the United States of America is completely entrenched as a socialist – even communist – organization that stands for centralized government and government mandates over every aspect of individual life, the Democrats are now calling for extreme fines to be imposed on the unvaccinated.

In a tweet that you can review below, Occupy Democrats, which describes itself as a “Grassroots political organization that supports progressive Democrats. NY Times reported that our reach has dominated Trump on Facebook for 6 years running now,” reviewed what other countries are doing to subjugate their citizens and then called for the same to be done in what was once known as the freest nation on earth, the United States of America.

The tweet states:

“Breaking: Greece announces that it will begin fining the unvaccinated $113 a month, Austria announces that it will begin fining them $4,000 a month, and Quebec announces that it may begin slapping them with a “significant” fine. RT IF YOU THINK THAT AMERICA MUST DO IT TOO!”

Check out the tweet below and email [email protected] with your reaction and opinion. Do you agree or disagree with the Democrats’ demand that Americans be fined if they are unvaccinated?

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