‘No Words for This’

(RightIsRight.co) – Following the horrific Russian missile attack on Okhmatdyt, Ukraine’s largest pediatric clinic, a nurse at the trauma department said she had “no words” to refer to the chaos they lived during and after the attack.

The assault killed at least four people and left many injured. Strikes in other parts of the country claimed the lives of at least 32 more.

The hospital’s toxicology ward was devastated, wrecked by the explosion that sent shrapnel through the main building, shattering windows. One of the surgical rooms, where doctors had been treating a child, was reduced to rubble.

According to the International Rescue Committee, Russia’s deadly strike on Monday was not the first of its kind, as more than 1,700 medical facilities have been targeted since the full-scale invasion began.

Despite the grim frequency of such attacks, the brutality of this assault is sure to reverberate across the West and spark furious demands in Ukraine for stronger air defenses.

Hours after the strike, hundreds of rescuers were still sifting through the wreckage of the toxicology ward, searching for survivors trapped under debris. Outside the hospital, volunteers formed a human chain to clear rubble piece by piece.

Moreover, Tanya Lapshina, a nurse at the nearby trauma department where the blast tore off the façade, noted that the strike occurred during peak hours at the hospital. She feared for a child undergoing open-heart surgery when the bomb struck.

Lapshina recounted the chaotic moments as they rushed children into the shelter just minutes before the impact.

“It was complete chaos. The children were terrified, crying in the bunker. There are no words for this. It’s horrible. I’m still shaking,” she said.

Okhmatdyt has been a lifeline for Ukraine’s critically ill children with complex conditions. Throughout the war, its doctors have navigated the dual challenge of treating children wounded by Russian attacks and caring for those with ongoing health issues.

Images from inside Okhmatdyt, which treats 20,000 children annually, showed injured children, collapsed ceilings, and wrecked operating rooms.

Shortly afterward, news broke of another tragic incident: a maternity unit in Kyiv had been partially destroyed by falling debris, killing four people and injuring three others.

“Russia targets the most vulnerable: children with cancer at Kyiv’s largest children’s hospital; a maternity ward in Kyiv with newborns… It’s a Russian war against life itself,” observed Ukrainian philosopher Volodymyr Yermolenko in a social media post.

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