NOW: Biden Associate Guilty

( – A former business associate of James Biden has agreed to plead guilty to conspiring to defraud Medicare of $51 million through a lab-testing company connected to the first brother.

The Department of Justice disclosed in court filings that 39-year-old Keaton Langston admitted to using pharmacies, durable medical equipment companies, and a laboratory in which he had a financial interest to bill for unnecessary tests and orders.

75-year-old James Biden has not been accused of criminal wrongdoing and has sought to distance himself from Langston, whose father, Joey Langston, was also associated with the first brother.

Keaton Langston founded Fountain Health, a lab company, in May 2017 and offered its services to rural hospital operator Americore Health, which later went bankrupt.

Records showed that James Biden was involved with Fountain Health in 2017 before connecting with Americore, which provided him with $600,000 in loans in 2018. He allegedly vowed to use his political connections to secure foreign investors.

Shortly after the lab firm launched, Joey Langston emailed James Biden, his son Keaton, and three others on July 12, 2017, about an upcoming “meeting for Fountain Health partners,” Politico reported in February.

“Jim will report to the group the results of his discussions earlier today with a contact at [Blue Cross Blue Shield],” the elder Langston wrote. “There will also be discussion about how to proceed with the Union contacts that have been made by Jim and Keaton, within the last two weeks.”

Furthermore, Joey Langston’s alleged co-conspirator in the Bribes case, attorney Dickie Scruggs, was involved in a second prosecution for attempting to bribe a different judge.

James Biden was wiretapped by the FBI in 2007 as part of its investigation of the second bribery case when he was in talks at the time with Scruggs and conspirator Tim Balducci about setting up a law firm that would have employed himself, his nephew Hunter Biden, and James’ wife, Sara.

Then, Senator Biden went from an opponent of federal legislation to sanction tobacco companies for lying about cigarettes’ addictiveness to a supporter after Scruggs—who planned a multibillion-dollar lawsuit—paid James Biden’s lobbying firm $100,000 in 1998.

Joe Biden has consistently claimed he “never” discussed business with his son or brother and said in December and again in March that he “did not” interact with their partners, including foreign associates in countries where he held sway as vice president.

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