NOW: New Info on What the US Military Shot Down Yesterday


( – HAPPENING NOW: The mystery of the airborne object shot down yesterday by US military jets over Canada has been partially solved.

According to Pentagon officials, the object was a small metallic balloon with a tethered payload, which was detected over Alaska late Friday.

The object was closely tracked by US and Canadian military aircraft as it crossed into Canadian airspace before being taken down by an American F-22 fighter jet over the Yukon Territory.

The Canadian Defense Minister, Anita Anand, informed the reporters that the object was flying at 40,000 feet and appeared to be a small cylindrical object. She added that there was no reason to believe that the impact of the object in Canada posed any public concern.

A NORAD spokesman confirmed that the military had identified the object but declined to reveal the details.

Additionally, the FAA shut down the airspace over Montana after NORAD responded to a radar anomaly, but no object was observed. The recovery operations for the object are still underway by the Canadian Armed Forces in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

This is not the first time the F-22 fighter jets have taken down an object in the airspace above the US and Canada. In the past week, they have taken down three objects, raising questions about what is hovering overhead and where they came from.

Another recovery effort is still underway in Alaska after another high-altitude object was shot down over the waters off Alaska on Friday afternoon.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby informed reporters that the object posed a credible threat to the safety of civilian flight and was much smaller than the surveillance balloon shot down last Friday, roughly the size of a small car. It did not appear to have the same maneuverable capability and was moving virtually at the whim of the wind.