NPR Already Has Dumbest Story of The Year Award Wrapped Up

( – On an almost daily basis, we come across stories that make us wonder where the United States of America is headed culturally and socially as a nation.

This report from National Public Radio (NPR) is one of those stories, and we believe it qualifies as the dumbest story of the year, and there may be no dumber for the rest of this year.

National Public Radio actually created a report headlined, “Which skin color emoji should you use? The answer can be more complex than you think” that opens with:

“Heath Racela identifies as three-quarters white and one-quarter Filipino. When texting, he chooses a yellow emoji instead of a skin tone option, because he feels it doesn’t represent any specific ethnicity or color.

“He doesn’t want people to view his texts in a particular way. He wants to go with what he sees as the neutral option and focus on the message.

“‘I present as very pale, very light skinned. And if I use the white emoji, I feel like I’m betraying the part of myself that’s Filipino,’ Racela, of Littleton, Mass., said. ‘But if I use a darker color emoji, which maybe more closely matches what I see when I look at my whole family, it’s not what the world sees, and people tend to judge that.'”

We think you can see where NPR’s report is headed. If you care to, you can read the full report by clicking HERE.

Personally, we’ve never given much thought to what color the emojis we use are when interacting with our friends. And, we’re willing to bet the overwhelming majority of Americans haven’t either.

In fact, anyone who’s spending time thinking about the color of the emoji they use undoubtedly has way too much free time on their hands.

But, one thing is certain. NPR wins the award for the dumbest story of the year. And that’ll get a thumbs-up emoji from any right-minded individual.

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