Nurse Fired for Standing Her Ground

Nurse Fired for Standing Her Ground

( – Since the COVID-19 vaccine gave hope to the world that we could return to a normal life, Americans have been speaking with their doctors and trusted medical providers to determine if getting the vaccine is right for them. But, for many others, employers have begun requiring proof of vaccination in order to work. In one Houston hospital, over 150 employees were faced with a tough decision if they refused to get the inoculation.

Houston Methodist Hospital Faces Massive Loss of Employees Over COVID Requirements

This April, Houston Methodist hospital mandated that its employees become fully vaccinated by June 7. The following day, 178 employees were given two weeks unpaid suspension for not complying with the new rule. On Tuesday, June 22, a spokesperson for the hospital system told CBS News that 153 employees either resigned or were terminated after the two-week period.

Understandably, many employees were upset, and 117 of them filed a lawsuit contesting the requirement. A federal judge dismissed the case on June 12 as the hospital currently has the right to require the COVID-19 vaccine for now. Thankfully for those who lost their jobs, there are other medical centers and providers willing to employ those who chose not to receive the experimental vaccine.

Even a Nurse Who Has Natural Immunity to COVID Was Fired

On Wednesday, June 23, registered nurse Jennifer Bridges spoke on “Hannity” about her experience working for Houston Methodist and her role as the lead plaintiff on the lawsuit against her previous employer. She highlighted how she had COVID last summer and thus has a natural immunity against it. Yet, she was not exempt from the hospital’s mandate to receive the vaccine and was fired when she affirmed she would “absolutely not” get the vaccine.

Many employees, including Bridges, highlighted how during the height of the pandemic, they were praised as essential workers and heroes. Now, however, they’re seen as disposable and not worth employing because of a personal medical decision they made about their body.

Holding Fast to Medical Freedom

Many Americans are sounding the alarm about the growing fear of vaccine passports and mandates. This story is just one example of hardworking American heroes losing their livelihood over this issue, although other places like summer camps have also followed suit.

As we see more and more places potentially requiring proof of vaccination, we’ll also likely see other spots taking a stand that they will never force such a rule on their constituents or employees — and that gives us hope that America will come out on the other side of this pandemic stronger than before.

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