Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Law That Protects Unborn Children

Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Law That Protects Unborn Children

(RightIsRight.co) – In May, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed a law banning abortions after a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat, usually around six weeks. The law allows citizens to file lawsuits against people who assist women in getting an abortion, including medical professionals. However, a Texas judge appointed by President Barack Obama (D) issued an order just weeks after the law went into effect, blocking the pro-life law for now.

US District Judge Blocks Law Protecting Unborn Babies

On Wednesday, October 6, US District Judge Robert Pitman released a 113-page ruling that blocked the latest Texas pro-life law. He alleged the right of a woman “to choose to obtain an abortion before fetal viability is well established” by precedent, thus making the law unconstitutional. He went on to call the law an “offensive deprivation” he was glad to stop for now.

Not surprisingly, Obama nominated Pitman to his position in the Western District of Texas in 2014.

Abortion providers made previous attempts to stop the law before it went into effect, but both the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court rejected those requests. It was not until Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a motion to stop the law that Pitman ruled to block it.

Biden Officials Praise Pitman’s Ruling

Soon after news of Pitman’s ruling broke, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a statement celebrating the decision. He called it both “a victory for women in Texas and for the rule of law,” saying the Texas law was actually seeking “to undermine” the constitutional rights of Texans.

Similarly, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki released a statement on the ruling, calling the Texas law “a scheme to allow private citizens to interfere with that right [to abortion] and to evade judicial review.” She also asserted President Biden’s next step in the “fight” for “women’s rights” is to codify Roe v. Wade.

While the law is on pause, for now, many expect Texas to ask the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the ruling, allowing the law to go back into effect.

How Every President Affects the Future

Simply because President Obama was able to nominate Pitman to his role in Texas, this Liberal judge could pause the enforcement of this pro-life law. This case shows how essential judges are to the American judicial system, as they interpret laws within the US Constitution.

Now, citizens understand why President Donald Trump was so avid about nominating Conservative federal judges across the nation and why President Biden is doing the same with Liberal judges. Their influence on courts allows presidents’ ideals and legacies to live on long after they’re gone.

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