Oklahoma Governor Says What About Biden’s Border Plan?

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

Upon personally observing the situation at the southern border, Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, a Republican, has urged the current administration to revert to the “Remain in Mexico” strategy that was in place during President Trump’s tenure. During a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends,” he emphasized that the U.S. citizens are in favor of a fortified boundary.

It’s perplexing to many why the present stance persists. The resources for the border wall are already available. It’s crucial to note that the concern is not about legal immigration. Oklahoma proudly hosts a significant Hispanic community who have migrated legally and are valuable members of our society. It’s vital for the nation’s security to have a fortified border, especially when considering potential threats trying to infiltrate. The surge in migration is further intensified as many believe they can easily access American services upon arrival. Stitt firmly believes that reverting to the previous “Remain in Mexico” stance is essential.

Reports suggest that the current administration has been auctioning off a vast amount of materials intended for the border wall. In recent news, pictures of steel “square structural tubes” from an Arizona storage facility appeared on GovPlanet, an auction website managed by the Canadian firm Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. These 28-foot beams were originally part of the border wall project, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers later offered them for sale. The Department of Defense’s logistics division verified this information to several news outlets. To date, GovPlanet has auctioned off numerous lots of these materials, raising approximately $2 million, as stated by the New York Post.