OMG: They’re Coming In Through Sewers

( – Some illegal aliens are so desperate to get into the United States that they are walking and crawling through sewer systems and coming up into Texas through the sewer’s manholes.

According to “Illegal immigrants seen climbing out of sewer manholes and sneaking into Texas,” published by the New York Post:

“Illegal immigrants have been spotted popping out of manholes in downtown El Paso, crawling out of the sewer system to enter the country illegally, according to local reports.

“Residents who live near downtown El Paso have been witnessing migrants exiting manholes for weeks now, sometimes in groups as large as 30.

“A group of six illegal immigrants was spotted Wednesday night just north of the border wall by a KVIA-TV news crew after having entered the US wastewater system via openings at the Rio Grande river, which serves as the border marker.” [emphasis added]

According to one resident:

“‘They are not using the river anymore, they are using the water tunnels to come in,’ local resident Rosalina Tapia told the TV station.

“After they climb onto the street, Tapia said, she’s seen smugglers waiting for the migrants, ready to take them farther into the country.” [emphasis added]

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