Parler Founder Sues Amazon

Parler Founder Sues Amazon

( – As free speech comes under attack from Big Tech and even the mainstream media, now is the time for platforms devoted to the free sharing of opinions and information to rise. But Amazon kicked Parler, the up-and-coming free speech social media platform, off its servers early Monday morning, prompting Parler to fight back with a lawsuit.

On Monday, January 11, Parler filed a suit against Amazon for trying to kill its business “at the very time it is set to skyrocket.” The antitrust claims are strong as this move from Big Tech could be interpreted as it trying to “reduce competition in the microblogging services market.”

Reporter Jordan Lancaster shared more about the lawsuit’s allegations:

While Parler is hoping for a temporary restraining order in order to continue using Amazon’s hosting services, the company has already chosen to rebuild its site with Epik, a web hosting service also committed to free speech.

Competition is essential to a healthy ebb and flow of our economic markets. So, Big Tech must not be allowed to gang up against any competitor that threatens its monopoly on social media.

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