Photos Emerge Of Sinking Russian Warship

Russian Guided Missile Cruiser Moskva (file photo)

( – First Russian President Vladimir Putin’s navy denied that the Moskva — the Russian guided-missile cruiser serving as the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet — was hit by Ukrainian missiles and sunk.

Then the Russian navy admitted there was a fire aboard the Moskva but that the ship was being towed to port for repairs.

Then, finally, the Russian navy admitted that the Moskva did sink but claimed it was due to heavy seas while being towed.

Now, the world knows that the Ukrainians successfully launched missiles it manufactured, struck the Moskva with two of the missiles, and sent the Moskva to the bottom of the ocean.

Check out the four photos of the burning and doomed Moskva below and share your reaction and opinion about the successful attack on the flagship by the Ukrainian military by emailing [email protected]. Are you glad the Ukrainians were able to sink Putin’s Black Sea flagship? Why or why not?