Pizza Delivered to Space As Shuttle Resupplies Astronaut

Pizza Delivered to Space As Shuttle Resupplies Astronaut

( – Astronauts are often at the mercy of creative cooking and well-preserved food to keep them sustained. Every few months, they do receive a new shipment of supplies, but often those capsules are full of tools, experiments and other essentials, leaving little room for fun food. However, the latest rocket brought something delightful to the seven astronauts on the International Space Station: pizza.

On Tuesday, August 10, Northrop Grumman launched its Cygnus cargo ship into space, carrying fresh tomatoes, kiwi, and apples to the hungry crew. But, the astronauts were likely more excited about the fresh pizza kit and cheese smorgasbord that was also sent along on the flight that reached their door on Thursday, August 12.

India’s Economic Times shared the video of the pizza delivery:

Along with the fresh produce, the company sent material similar to moon dust for the station’s 3D printer, an infrared-detecting tool for tracking satellites and a bracket for mounting solar wings that will arrive at the station next year. Of course, less glamorous daily necessities like fresh clothes were also sent to the space station.

Currently, the three Americans are joined by two Russians, one Japanese, and one French astronaut to work together to conduct experiments on the incredible space station. For now, it continues to be a breathtaking example of what our world can do when nations work together for science and discovery.

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