Plane Forced To DIVERT For Insane Reason

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

A Frontier Airlines flight was forced to divert to Denver International Airport on Tuesday night following a fight aboard the plane started by two passengers. Flight 2143 had left from Philadelphia and was heading towards Las Vegas where it was expected to land at around 8:40 p.m. However, due to the disruption caused by the two female passengers, the plane ended up being around an hour late as it needed to first land at Denver Airport.

The Denver Police Department had been informed of the incident and had escorted the two women, who had been traveling together off the plane. A different passenger had managed to hear the exchange between the two women and took to Instagram to post about the incident.

As the female passenger who wrote about the incident explained to Fox News, the two other passengers had started to fight and argue loudly, despite being informed by a flight attendant that they should be quiet. Eventually, the flight attendant broke the two women up by moving one of the two to a different seat.

However, that did not stop the women from continuing to shout profanities despite being separated. In the video captured from the incident, one of the women also seems to hit one of the flight attendants as they try to intervene in the situation and get the woman to calm down.

When the plane landed in Denver International Airport, and the passengers were removed, the rest of the passengers started applauding. The plane was grounded for about an hour before flying to its final destination.