Police Find Bomb, Guns, and Pounds of LSD at Teenager’s Home

Police Find Bomb, Guns, and Pounds of LSD at Teenager's Home

(RightIsRight.co) – Many teens have had an excruciatingly tough time lately, as they were ripped from their friends, schedules and structure a year ago this month. The changes have affected people differently, and for one Georgia teen, it simply may have been too much.

On Monday, March 1, police seized 900 doses of LSD, 16 fluid ounces of THC syrup, multiple firearms, and a DIY pipe bomb from 18-year old Dylan Chapman’s home in Cobb, Georgia. A collaborative effort between Cobb, Marietta and Smyrna Crime Units and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) resulted in the search and arrest. Cobb County News broke the news on Twitter:

The search posed more questions than answers, though. Cobb police spokesman Sergeant Wayne Delk acknowledged that they don’t have all the answers to why the teen had such a vast amount of contraband in his possession, and they may not even have answers anytime soon.

Chapman is being held at the Cobb County Jail as he faces over 13 felony charges related to drug and weapon possession. Hopefully, with time and dedication, the authorities can understand just why Chapman had so many illicit drugs and stop any others from developing the same behavior.

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