Police Prevent Shocking Crime The Second It Starts

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

The Memphis Police Department in a recent report noted that an armed male had attempted on Monday afternoon to go into the Margolin Hebrew Academy, a Jewish School.

The suspect had left the school after being unable to enter. Don Crowe, the Memphis Police Assistant Chief, pointed out how important it was that the school had in place safety procedures that helped eliminate the threat during this incident. The gunman had left because anyone was injured.

Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen noted that while the identity of the suspect has not been given by the police, the armed suspect was a former student at the school. In a press release he noted that based on the current information they have, the shooter was Jewish and had attended the school

While the suspect escaped he left behind a Ram pickup truck with California tags which authorities were able to investigate.

The Memphis Police Department also issued a statement about the suspect noting that there were reports about him being seen in Bartlett, TN. MPD Officers were also able to locate the vehicle used by the suspect and stop it. The suspect had exited the car while holding a handgun in his hand.

The police officer then shot the suspect who was taken to a local hospital to be treated as he is in critical condition.

Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis remarked regarding the response of the officer that he was proud to have seen such a swift response from officers who helped prevent a possible mass shooting on that day.