Poll Reveals How Americans Really Feel About Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Order

Poll Reveals How Americans Really Feel About Biden's Illegal Immigrant Order

(RightIsRight.co) – President Joe Biden has churned out numerous executive orders in his first weeks in office. While most have been widely praised by both Democrats and the press, there is one that fell quickly to the bottom of the popularity list according to a new poll.

A survey done by Morning Consult and Politico from February 5-7 shows that Biden’s executive order to bring up to 125,000 refugees to the United States is by far the “least popular” of the 28 executive actions he signed since January 20. The data shows that 48% of respondents opposed the order, and 14% had no opinion. Only 39% of respondents supported Biden’s hope to bring in such a high number of refugees.

One American shared the rest of Biden’s executive order approval ratings on Twitter:

Biden’s February 4 order surrounding immigration clearly fell flat. Many Americans wonder why he would welcome more people into our nation when so many are struggling to make ends meet. Instead of focusing on immigration during a pandemic, Biden should prioritize strengthening our economy and putting our nation first.

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