President Trump Affirms His Commitment to America

President Trump Affirms His Commitment to America

( – In the early morning hours of Thursday, January 7, Vice President Mike Pence officially declared Joe Biden won the Electoral College in a 306-232 victory after Congress voted to certify all the election results. Conservatives challenged the results from Arizona and Pennsylvania, but both were rejected.

The challenge to object to Arizona’s votes was denied by a 93-6 vote in the Senate and a 303-121 split in the House. As for the challenge against Pennsylvania’s election results, the Senate rejected it with a 93-6 vote. Senators who voted to sustain the objection include Ted Cruz (R-TX), Josh Hawley (R-MO), and Rick Scott (R-FL), among others.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, Dan Scavino, released a statement for President Donald Trump after Twitter suspended Trump’s feed:

After the events of the last two days, President Donald Trump assures supporters he will hold fast to law and order while continuing to make American great again. He will fight to ensure only legal votes will be counted in both this election and all future elections. He showed us today that his commitment to the American people is unwavering.

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