President Trump Will Not Welcome Biden to White House

President Trump Will Not Welcome Biden to White House

( – President Donald Trump’s first term has been marked with numerous occasions where he broke from the stereotypical presidential mold. Many of these distinct moves highlighted that he was not a career politician, something for which his supporters are very thankful. In the final days of his first term, true to his nonconforming administration’s personality, President Trump will not welcome Joe Biden to the White House before or during Inauguration Day.

Outgoing presidents and their first ladies typically welcome their successors into the White House before the swearing-in ceremony. Instead of keeping this tradition, however, Trump and First Lady Melania chose to leave the White House ahead of Wednesday’s ceremonies and fly to their home in Florida.

While keeping with traditions and protocol may be important in our nation’s history, choosing to break from certain traditions also sends a distinct and clear message. Through this final move of his first term, Trump made it clear he will not cozy up to Joe Biden simply because he now has the title of President of the United States.

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