Prince Harry Snubbed King Charles?!

( – Extending an olive branch to his son, King Charles III offered royal accommodations to Prince Harry during his recent visit to the UK, but he reportedly snubbed the King and opted for a hotel stay instead.

According to the king’s friends, 75-year-old Charles was open to hosting his youngest son in a royal residence in London.

This invitation coincided with Harry’s trip to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.

Given their strained relationship, these friends suggested that staying in a royal residence might have facilitated easier communication between Harry and Charles.

However, sources close to Harry claimed that King Charles did not make an effort to see his son during the visit, which Charles’ friends dispute.

One friend of the king remarked, “It’s all very sad. While it is true that the King is understandably wary about meeting with Harry, given the publicity circus that seems to surround all such visits, he did of course agree to see his son at the most vulnerable moment of his illness, and at very short notice.”

On the other hand, a friend of Harry’s asserted that the duke had expressed his desire to see his father well before his trip to the UK.

Yet, some other Harry’s friends, who reportedly spent time with him in London, described him as “deeply stung” by his failure to meet Charles.

The visible strain in their relationship was evident as Charles hosted a garden party at Buckingham Palace while Harry attended an event at St Paul’s Cathedral, just miles away.

After his brief visit to London, Harry traveled to Nigeria to reunite with his wife, Meghan Markle, but he did not see his brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Despite their estrangement since his relocation to California in 2020, Harry did visit Charles after learning about his father’s cancer diagnosis in February.

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