Pro-Palestine Riot; 65 Cops Hurt

Red light

( – Berlin, Germany, has experienced horrific violence as pro-Palestinian demonstrators protested in various parts of the city, resulting in dozens of police officers sustaining injuries due to the violent confrontations with the extremists.

The demonstrations came in response to an explosion at a Gaza hospital. Many international media outlets quickly attributed the blast to Israel, even though no concrete evidence was presented to support this claim.

Despite Berlin’s prohibition on anti-Israel protests, a large group of pro-Palestinian advocates assembled in the Neukölln borough. This gathering rapidly escalated into a violent clash, with participants resorting to throwing rocks, bottles, and improvised fireworks at the police.

The Berlin Police Department disclosed that they made 174 arrests, and 65 of their officers were injured in the skirmishes, which continued into the next day. German broadcaster NTV identified the “Youth against Racism” group as the protest’s main organizer.

The chaos also resulted in damaged property: a truck, a tree, and several cars were set ablaze. Police officers responded by using pepper spray on aggressive demonstrators and deployed water cannons to extinguish fires started in the streets with trash bins and tires.

Germany’s tabloid newspaper, Bild, reported that the protesters in Berlin vocalized various slogans, such as “Free Palestine,” “Allahu Akbar,” and “Israel – child murderer”.

While Berlin was the focal point of the protests, other German cities, like Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Nuremberg, also witnessed similar pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Particularly in Frankfurt, the police had to use water cannons to manage the protesters participating in a demonstration that had been declared illegal.

Tensions escalated further when a Jewish synagogue in Berlin was attacked with Molotov cocktails in the early hours of Wednesday.

Given the heightened tensions and the subsequent war between Israel and Hamas – the latter reportedly responsible for numerous terror attacks that claimed the lives of around 1,400 Israelis and tourists, as well as the abduction of approximately 200 individuals – Jewish leaders in Germany have sounded the alarm. They have urged the Jewish community to exercise caution, anticipating potential antisemitic attacks. Consequently, the Jewish populace has been advised to refrain from speaking Hebrew and publicly displaying religious symbols.