PROOF: ICE Misreporting How Many Illegals Are Set Free

( – The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has inflated tremendously the public figures of how many illegal aliens have been released inside the US wearing GPS trackers when the actual number is almost 600% smaller, a report reveals.

According to the ICE website, 56,805 illegal immigrants released inside the United States were being monitored by GPS as of November 19.

However, the actual figure of GPS-tracked illegals was only 8,118 as of November 14, according to an internal ICE document, The Daily Caller reported.

The misreporting of non-trackable illegal aliens by nearly 600% are being tracked with GPS technology was exposed thanks to the document circulated at an event called “Alternatives to Detention.”

The forum was a closed-door event of the top ICE officials, including Director Tae Johnson, with non-profit immigration organizations.

The same internal document obtained by The Daily Caller showed that ICE publicly understated by more than 18,000% the number of illegals it has released inside America without any tracking equipment.

The ICE website claimed 266 illegal immigrants got released inside the US without tracking devices as of November 19.

However, the internal paper showed that as of November 14, there were 49,459 illegals set free without any trackers such as cell phones or ankle bracelets.

Almost 6 million illegal immigrants have been allowed to enter the United States since President Joe Biden took office nearly 23 months ago. These include an estimated well over 1 million gotaways.

Of those, at least 1.3 million illegals have been caught and released inside the US, meaning that at least 2.3 million remain inside the US when the gotaways are counted. That does not include an estimated 11 million illegals who arrived before Biden’s presidency.

More than 2.4 million migrants have been expelled from the US since March 2020 under the Title 42 public health order, which last month a federal judge ordered to be terminated by December 21 of this year.

According to Jon Feere, a former ICE Chief of Staff, the Biden administration is using its secret figures on non-trackable migrants to placate pro-illegal immigration groups such as ACLU (“American Civil Liberties Union”).

ACLU, whose representatives attended the closed-door meeting with ICE, has launched a campaign entitled “Shut Down the ICE Detention Machine.”

“The Biden administration is telling their anti-enforcement friends one thing, while telling the public something entirely different,” Feere said.

“This massive discrepancy raises the question of whether Biden’s appointees at ICE are lying about other data points. ICE enforcement data has been at the center of litigation over the administration’s controversial policies, but have judges been misled?” the former official added.